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Avvo review-

Joe pulled through with his own personal touch of a miracle. He was very fair and number one goal was to "Keep me out of the "crosshairs". He did much more than that and performed a miracle. Joe is the definition of a professional. I've had quite a few attorneys in my days. I've never had someone care or perform anywhere near as well as Joe, He turned my "minor traffic violation" case that had complete potential to become a major case back into a minor case with minor consequences . I still had consequences for my actions but he did make sure that they were fair and just if not more than fair . He also was fair on his fees, not greedy at all. He listened to what I needed and what I wanted and tried the best for my needs and wants while still keeping me out of the "crosshairs," I would recommend Joe to any of my friends or family and that says a lot considering my lack of trust especially with someone I'm paying and did not know him. If you're looking for an attorney that's fair honest and will go the extra mile for your needs and wants then you have found him his name is Joe McNerney. I hope this review becomes clear enough to anyone that needs a very good professional attorney on their side.

Yasmine Cortes-

If your looking for a reliable great attorney, who will get right down to business than joe is your guy. He was my lawyer for a speeding ticket I was out of the court room within 10 minutes with my ticket dismissed from my record. I first contacted joe on mother's day, by which I was not expecting him to answer until the next business day, he contacted me on that same day within the same hour. He is very reliable takes his job serious and cares about his clients truly.

Avvo review Feb '17-

I am an international student and unfortunately was given a court date for a traffic violation. Being non-native speaker I was not confident ad Mr. Joe was fantastic throughout in making me feel very comfortable and delivering what he told me. Best thing for me was to see him take extra efforts for me. I appreciate Mr. Joe's professionalism and work, he made me feel safe and went the extra mile to help me with the Traffic Violation.

Joe Derby-

Joe is the best attorney I've ever had! He always has your best interest. He's one of the attorneys that really cares. I recommend him to anyone that needs an attorney. I've had him for almost a year and he's done more for me than any attorney I've had in the last 17 years.

Avvo review-

Joe came through for me on a last minutes notice. I had an accident related traffic ticket that I felt I did not deserve. I was debating on hiring an attorney or not. When i did finally make that decision I had less than 24 hours before my court date. I assumed it would be a shot in the dark to find a lawyer who could represent me at court in such little times notice, but i had nothing to lose. I went on this website and found Joe. I called him and I spoke straight to him. Not a secretary or office...i spoke with Joe. I explained my case "failure to yield on left turn"....involving an accident and he went out of his way to make sure he appeared at court for me the next morning. Joe didn't just get my traffic violation charges reduced.....he got them thrown out of court and kept my record clean of conviction. If you have any traffic, accident or speeding tickets. I highly highly recommend Mr. McNerney to represent you. His prices are very reasonable and competitive as well. Thanks joe.


My friend and I were having a conversation about our recent troubles with the law and started talking about how great our lawyers were. he said how He could possibly have lost his license, or had to pay a huge fine he couldn't afford but he got him out of trouble and got everything dropped down to a small fine. I started saying how my lawyer picked up my court case , halfway thru the whole process and I was being charged with 2 serious felonies! then I said how my lawyer got everything wrapped up very neatly, I got everything dropped down to 1 small felony which was now going to be expungable! (I was looking at prison time) We started arguing about whos lawyer was better! well it turns out we both had the same lawyer: Joe McNerney! I would recommend him for any type of criminal defense or traffic issues. He's on time, works hard and is very reliable! He can call or text you about anything you need to know, or if he has any news to share. I don't know what I would have done without him! I am definitely sleeping better because of him!

Avvo review Nov '16-

Joe picked up the pieces my previous attorney couldn't. He gave me more than hope and options i didn't think were possible. He met with me on a Saturday night even though his office was closed. His dedication, compassion and knowledge of law spoke volumes and showed by what he has done for me. He did everything i prayed for and more by keeping me out of jail and not violating my supervision. I am a proud client and forever grateful to have found an attorney like Mr. McNerney. If you are looking to hire a criminal defense attorney, especially experience with speeding tickets & DUI Law, i advise you consult with Mr. McNerney, and see for yourself exactly what i speak of. I will refer this man the rest of my life confidently.

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