Did a Night Out Land You Behind Bars?

Partner with a diligent DUI attorney in Bridgeview, Palos Hills & Rolling Meadows, IL

If you're heading back from a Chicago Cubs game or a night on the town, too many drinks and one bad decision can lead to serious consequences. When you get behind the wheel after a few drinks and find yourself facing a DUI charge, you need to contact a DUI attorney as soon as possible. The McNerney Law Firm in Bridgeview, Palos Hills & Rolling Meadows, IL will represent you in court to increase your chances of a dropped or reduced charge.

The consequences of a DUI charge

Illinois courts takes drunk driving and DUI charges very seriously. If you’re convicted of DUI, you may have to deal with consequences such as:


-Heavy fines

-Community service

-Mandatory drug and alcohol classes

-Car registration revocation

Exercise your rights after a DUI and call The McNerney Law Firm today to schedule your initial consultation. Your DUI attorney will fight the charge in court to get you the best possible result.

Don’t delay when you’re charged with drunk driving—reach out to us today to get started on your case.