Stand Up for Your Rights After Being Charged With a Crime

Contact a criminal defense attorney to fight for you

If your future is hanging in the balance after a criminal charge, you may fear for your future. Don't forget that you still have the right to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Choose The McNerney Law Firm when you need a criminal lawyer to fight for you. Attorney McNerney has been as trial lawyer for more than three decades and has extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of criminal cases.

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Attorney McNerney takes on all kinds of criminal cases

You don’t have to face the court alone after being charged with a crime. The McNerney Law Firm will build a smart defense strategy and stand by your side every step of the way.

Reach out to attorney McNerney is you’re charged with:


-Drunk driving


-Driving on a suspended or revoked license

-Leaving the scene of an accident

-Felony or misdemeanor charges

-Criminal trespass



-Resisting arrest

-Obstruction of justice

-Possession of marijuana or narcotics 

-Traffic violations

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