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Did you get arrested for a criminal case or DUI and are now faced with pleading your case to the Illinois court? Were you in an auto accident and need representation for a traffic violation? Regardless of the complexity of your criminal case or traffic violation, you’ll find the help you need at The McNerney Law Firm.

Our lawyer has the legal expertise to effectively represent you in court so you get the best possible outcome. Schedule an initial consultation with The McNerney Law Firm in Bridgeview, Palos Hills & Rolling Meadows, IL when you need help with your case pertaining to:

-Criminal Defense
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- Speeding & Aggravated Speeding

The McNerney Law Firm will look over your case and inform you of every aspect, including the long- and short-term consequences. If you were given a ticket for speeding you’ll find the help you need at The McNerney Law Firm in Palos Hills, IL.

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